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Matt Davis

Our 16 year old son was involved in a tragic car accident. At 4 AM, I reached out to Lea Ann – she was very empathetic and encouraging. She offered to take care of everything. She put us in touch with the right people and truly made me feel as if I was her sole client. She continues to check in on us, not as an agent, but as a friend. Customer service is one thing, but Lea Ann truly cares!

Christina P., Dallas, TX

I want to give a Shout to Lea Ann!!! She is an awesome agent! I have had her for a number of yrs. She is kind, thoughtful and she knows her stuff. She always and I mean always looks out for her clients. If you have not used her yet...GIVE HER A SHOT! I promise you won't be sorry.

Mary-Margaret E., Dallas, TX

She went beyond her scope as our Insurance Agent. My husband went into the hospital and she brought me breakfast, brought me an electric throw, brought me dinner and prayed. She is a special angel and friend. There isn’t anyone else out there like Lea Ann. She cares so much and never lets us down.

Sharri B., Richland Hills, TX

Lea Ann Leslie is the best I have found and I'm a shopper! I recommend and refer her not only because she found us the best rate with BETTER coverage over a leading carrier, but because she takes care of all our needs including rental property, auto, homeowners and umbrella and saved us over $1500 per year. I don't worry knowing she has my back when it comes to one of my least favorite things - insurance.

David B., Flower Mound, TX

I wanted to point out that I had Lea Ann run quotes for my home, car, and rental property. She came up with over $1,500 per year in savings for me, with the exact same coverage items/terms (apples to apples)!

I should've done it sooner! Maybe like some others, I get lazy/comfortable and just don't want to bother to go through the hassle to switch. But it can pay off, and Lea Ann made it very easy and painless. So, I definitely recommend her, and having her check to see if you can save some money too!